Joe Russo

Photographer, Industrial Design Dropout,
Expert Expostulateur and Vagabond of the Luminiferous Æther.
Master Chief of The Free Rebel Alliance.

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city of sadness/spirited away

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The Haunted Man, Bat For Lashes, 2012
Eat it.

Taja Feistner by Larsen Sotelo

Exhibition: Mika NinagawaViborg Kunsthal, Viborg, DenmarkJan. 18 - May 4, 2014Mika Ninagawa’s richly colored photos and movies often focus on magnifying details in extreme close-ups that provide an almost abstract image of reality. The particularly eye-catching aesthetics are kitsch in its exaggeration, but also poetic in its gentle and evocative images.In a unique style, artist mixes a surreal universe with attractive visuals from the popular culture. For example by reference to older, Japanese geisha traditions and neoclassical films like “Kill Bill”. Both play with staging of sex, violence, weapons and beauty. In this manner, the works represent a special style that is particularly popular among Japan’s youth, but also within a wide international audience.Mika Ninagawa (b. 1972) lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. She exhibited at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria; Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, France; Mori Tower and Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan, amongst many other places.[from the press release by Viborg Kunsthal]IMAGE: Mika Ninagawa, “on air” (Chiaki Kuriyama), 2004©Mika Ninagawa, courtesy Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne

girl’s residence, kishin shinoyama, 1997
I like making collage.
Photo by: Valentina VosFashion by: Sabela Tobar

Super snowy Harajuku at 2am on Valentine’s Day night 2014.

analogum e digitale, 2014
Qing Tian Gang, Taiwan, 2011